FMB INFORMATICA is a business-to-business service company, operating in the electronics field and in particular in the Printed Circuit Boards layout.
The company was born in Bassano del Grappa (Italy) in 1985, and holds all the experience maturated during the evolution of the techniques, from the manual layout design since 1977 to the modern CAD software.

Our production line is based on the know-how acquired in many years of experience in the field. The significant technological know-how and the high technology equipments, accompanied by a constant effort toward the improvement of the quality of service, and of processes, make this company an endowment for the electronics market in the PCB design.

Flexibility in the offer, and reliability along its experience are the keys of its success. In a market rapidily evolving, where the PCBs are stategic aspect for companies, FMB proved to be a partner able to add value to the Customer project, due to the competence of the team.

At the completion of the job, are provided:

  • Electronic schematics in PADS Logic format (on request) and personalized with the Customer logo - Mentor Graphics Software
  • SWAP file for Orcad user (on request).
    A SWAP file (back-annotation) is available, which shows automatically the enumeration of the labels (R1, C1, etc.) in the original schematics. This file is provided to the Customers that want to draw the schematic using Orcad, in order to maintain the corrispondence with the PCB. PADS Logic is not required to have the ordered labels on the silk-screen, therefore the Customer can provide the Netlist for Pads2K from his software, or a printed schematic, or in electronic format (PDF, DXF, etc.), leaving to FMB the task of converting the files.
  • Source files in PADS Layout format, which are exclusively under the owership of the Customer - Mentor Graphics
  • BoardSIM file (on request)
  • Files: Gerber, Excellon, Insert for Pick&Place, Netlist, ASC (Pads)
  • Dispositions with quotes in Acrobat, HPGL, PNG, and DXF
  • Materials list in Microsoft Excel format.
    Only for commissions with start-up from PADS Logic schematic.
  • 3D File in IGES format, compatible with SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, Catia
  • Further documentation as requested
  • Printed documentation as requested
  • Forward of the necessary files to the realization of the PCB to the Company of your choice, or of our suggestion